Lumper. It’s not a four-letter-word, but to many in logistics, lumper fees are often times viewed in a negative light. A lumper charge is a fee. need to use an outside company for loading or unloading for any reason. Make sure dispatch is aware if you need to pay a lumper fee. • Always obtain a receipt. I’m not a new driver but i’m sort of new to this lumper paying thing. To make a long story short. I lost my lumper receipt. It’s payroll deductable. If.

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Discussion in ‘ Experienced Lumer Advice ‘ started by rodknockerMay 9, Log in or Sign up. Lumper receipt question Discussion in ‘ Experienced Truckers’ Advice ‘ started by rodknockerMay 9, May 9, 1. I’m not a new driver but i’m sort of new to this lumper paying thing.

To make a long story short. I lost my lumper receipt. The first thing that came to my mind was to make up one but I dont want to lose my job. Just wondering what I could do.

I called the only lumper service I knew of at the distribution center. They said they have no record of it. They may have another lumper service there but I can’t get anyone to help me on the phone. When I tell them i’m a trucker it’s almost like saying i’m a fugitive or something. Just wondering if anyone has had this issue before. What did you do? May 9, 2. Dont make one up.

Lumper Receipt Template Awesome Bestrehabcentersub | Simple Template and Forms

Best way to get a copy is to call up again, have a fax avaliable and tell them you need to verify your drivers lumper reciept and ask them to fax it to you. Lunper mention your the driver or its lost but you act like your a repesentive recekpt the company trying to verify the lumper reciept. Once you mention driver your a lost cause to them. SLCTruckerMay 9, May 9, 3.


YbeLegalMay 9, May 10, 4. Hopefully,these guys are right and you will get one faxed. Your company should realize that someone had to unload and do the right thing. At my company the driver could explain what happened and they would take care of the rest,or ask you to make another receipt. May 13, 5. Here is my lumper receipt story. I had two drops the last week of April I scaned in my lumper receipts, log book pages, BOLs, scale tickets, etc.


Nor should i, since it was a wash I asked my DM to check into this, and finally got a hold of someone in payroll, and she told him she just happen to have found the receipts. But ill be getting that back next paycheck.

Watch the companies on lumpers. BoDarville01May 13, Aug 12, 6.

Aug 16, 7. Another thing with any receipt is get yourself into a pattern! Do it the same way every time!

Lumper receipt question

When you get to the cab with a receipt write it on your load sheet and put it in your envelope for the trip! It ONLY stays in your hand until it is written down on the load sheet and has made it’s way to rreceipt envelope! Don’t even put it in your 3 ring log book binder pockets! Murphy’s law says it will disappear if put anywhere but in an envelope! Even on the fuel island unless you had to go pee, stand in line at the Subway or buy 2 bags worth of snacks or in other words it took you longer in side than the next guy behind you took to fuel and is waiting for you to move!

Then move the truck to the parking lot to do your paper work!

Lumper Fees: What are They and Why are They Needed? | Trinity Logistics

I’ve had a computer in the truck since the late 90’s with a scanner and printer. At the end of each day I scanned all paper work into the computer and then made sure it was put into the trip pak envelope! I’ve had some problems with something missing and they would have a copy faxed at the next truck stop! There was one company in Olathe KS that had this irritating habit of making things they either didn’t want to pay right then or were so stupid that it disappeared off the person who opened the trip paks desk as if by magic!

I loved my printer scanner! That was a tire repair! But to answer your question first, not every company out there will “give” you the benefit of the doubt! If they think that load crawled off the truck by its self then just try as much as you can to get them to take one from you for that amount! Or if you couldn’t get the replacement receipt from the lumper service, then chalk it up to experience and kiss it good by! It’s a steep learning curve in trucking.


Hopefully you learned to CYA with a copy of every piece of paper that crosses your fingers! If you have that laptop then get a travel scanner or a scanner printer.

Tax deduct them as you’re using them for your job even as a company driver! Scan it but don’t make a paper copy! You don’t need that much crapola in the truck such as a filing cabinet! BUT do back up your files daily to that flash drive on your key chain or to an online backup service or to your home computer that I know you can access while out on the road!

Rollover the OriginalAug 16, Aug 16, 8. This really good advise no matter the line of work your in. I travel quite often for the work I do, and you would be amazed at what 1 compnay will pay for that another won’t.

Even though it’s a write off for both. I keep every receipt I can and make copies of them and trun them all in at the end of the trip and let them sort through what they will and won’t pay for. Of course there are the given Have Too pay fors, there are the This Company Payd this but not that, and the occasional Generous we’ll atke care that even though we don’t usually.

Either way I make sure I get copies of everything. DakFinkAug 16, Aug 16, 9. There is a line but it’s not all that fine! LOL Yeah those “lines” can de fine some things! Like a BFI award! Draft saved Draft deleted.

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