“Loretta Napoleoni’s devilishly enjoyable journey into the money veins of the new global order—from sex slavery to fad-diet slavery is truly incredibly original. No matter where we live in the world, rogue economics is reshaping our personal Loretta Napoleoni is the author of the bestselling Terror Inc.: Tracing the. What do Eastern Europe’s booming sex trade, America’s subprime mortgage lending scandal, China’s fake goods industry, and celebrity philanthropy.

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So, state sponsor of terrorism, feature of the Cold War.

Loretta is also a columnist and writes about terrorism, money laundering and the economy for several European financial papers including El Pais, The Guardian and Le Monde.

For further information or additional permissions, contact us. So what is rogue economics?

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Thank you for inviting me. So, we give a tax rebate to people in order to boost consumption. It has happened before in history. So, this is how incredible are the relationship between the world of crime and the world of terror, and our own life.

I mean, for example, pornography, child pornography is the biggest business in the internet. So, why did I tell you this story? The first displacements were felt in Taiwan, the next were in other neighbourhoods, such as in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan.

The same thing happened, of course, in the world of crime and terror. You talk about high-tech as a mixed blessing; why? Sukuks, or Islamic bonds, are linked to real investments. All Western economies at the moment are rogue economies, for the simple reason that politics has lost control of the economy. Rogue Economics reveals the hidden architecture of our world, and provides fresh insight into many of the most insoluble problems of our era.


This is a worthwhile read, but dense. She lectures regularly around the world on economics, terrorism and money laundering. That being said, I give it a three star because like many popular works on academic topics by journalists, this book suffers from an incredible ideological zest that often contradicts its basic positions.

As foreign powers withdrew from the colonies, people were enslaved by their own countrymen. And he had this beautiful boat. We are experiencing technical difficulties. When I asked my friend why the Red Brigades want to talk to me, he said that sconomics female members of the organization had actually supported my name.

Loretta Napoleoni: The intricate economics of terrorism | TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript | TED

Carta non sbiancata e ottima tipografia. Come corollari, poi, l’autrice inserisce altri concetti del tutto discutibili e superficiali. Lorettw can borrow against the total amount of dollars in circulation in the world. It was a psychiatrist. In the early s she spent 2 years in Budapest at the National Bank of Hungary working on a project for the convertibility of the florin that ten years later became the blueprint for the convertibility of the rouble.

See all books by Loretta Napoleoni. A March to Disaster: It allows economocs to send specified weights of gold to other e-gold accounts.

Rogue economics is a sort econmoics umbrella under which we find the criminal economy, the illegal economy, but also those gray areas, gray areas where there is not a proper regulation, where there is not legislation for the economy. If anyone reads this, I would love to talk about it more!

Rogue Economics

Workers now earn 33p an hour and are under such pressure to produce that they cannot afford to take time off when planes spray pesticides on the crops. It closed that door between the money laundering in dollars, and the U. All the others do, day in and day out, is search for money. Speculation in Linden dollars is very popular among traders. For that service the Red Brigades were actually paid a fee, which went to fund their organization.


This happened because the Patriot Rigue was a unilateral legislation. The United States actually is a country that is the reserve currency of the world.

Often, bank managers alert developers and buyers, who are their clients, of a forthcoming foreclosure so that these can approach the owner and purchase the property before it is auctioned off by the bank.

Non dobbiamo farci prendere da questa idea sbagliata: Dec 18, Lucas rated it did not like it. All over the world political upheaval, free trade, deregulated financial markets and the internet have created conditions in which unscrupulous entrepreneurs trade without restriction.

She brings a complexity of thought to a variety of issues, and writing in her second language? For her work as a consultant on the commodities markets, she traveled regularly nnapoleoni Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, where she has met senior financial and political leaders.

The book is filled with fascinating statistics that will make you wonder Teff roogue the main staple grain of 80 million Ethiopians. So I found a correlation between the spreading of democracy after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rise in slavery.