by Longchen Rabjam (—). From his great clouds of prayers arising through wisdom, which permeates the dimension of reality completely, and through. Longchen Rabjam (Longchenpa). Longchenpa. Longchen Rabjam lived from and is revered as one of the greatest scholars in the Nyingma tradition. In Praise of Longchen Rabjam. Book cover By Khenpo Shenga. Translated by Adam Pearcey. Due to the kindness of Guru Padmasambhava, there have been.

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Essential advice on every stage of the path from beginning to end.


As Longchenpa puts it in rabham text itself: So take it to heart, all the time, and in any situation. Longchenpa describes this text as a letter sent from his mind to itself, and, as befits such a personal message, it is heartfelt and candid. The core of the message is simple enough: Longchen Rabjam tells us that he composed these thirty verses of heartfelt advice for himself and others like him, out of a sense of renunciation.

In what has become one of his most famous and popular teachings, he advocates simplicity, ethical discipline, humility, and, above all, diligent practice. The first chapter of Longchenpa’s Finding Comfort and Ease in Meditation samten ngalsodescribing ideal environments and dwelling places for cultivating meditative concentration and insight throughout the year.


The second chapter of Finding Comfort and Ease in Meditation rabjzm ngalsodescribing the qualities and character of an ideal practitioner of meditation in the Great Perfection, or Dzogpachenpo. It is said to be particularly beneficial for Tibet, as it has the power to pacify illness, prevent famine and border invasions, and contribute to the welfare of the teachings and beings. Taken from his miscellaneous writings, Khenpo Shenpen Nangwa’s text compares the great Dzogchen master Longchen Rabjam to the most celebrated Buddhist saints of India and praises him as the unique embodiment of all the qualities exhibited by Tibet’s own learned and accomplished figures.

This famous four-line prayer of dedication bsngo ba appears in the author’s magnum opus, The Treasury of the Supreme Vehicle theg mchog mdzod. The prayer reminds the practitioner that all foods are to be offered to the deities that reside within the body. In return for this offering, the deities bestow accomplishments siddhi ; dngos gruband induce the experience of great bliss.


Thirty Pieces of Heart Advice | Lotsawa House

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche composed this line prayer to the great Dzogchen master Longchen Rabjam — based on the writings of Ju Mipham. Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche added a line to this popular invocation of Longchen Rabjam, transforming it into a prayer to realize the natural state, which is the true nature of the mind. If you find this site useful, please consider helping us to achieve our goal of translating more classic works from the Buddhist tradition and making them freely available.

A Mirror Revealing the Crucial Points: From ‘Finding Comfort and Ease in Meditation’: Dedication This famous four-line prayer of dedication bsngo ba appears in the author’s magnum opus, The Treasury of the Supreme Vehicle theg mchog mdzod.

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