View and Download Lexmark X user reference manual online. Lexmark X : User Guide. X All in One Printer pdf manual download. Also for: 16l View and Download Lexmark X setup manual online. Lexmark X Install Guide. X All in One Printer pdf manual download. Also for: 16l – x View and Download Lexmark X Laser MFP service manual online. Laser MFP. X Laser MFP All in One Printer pdf manual download. Also for: X laser.

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Laser advisory label Laser notices Pour les autres pays: Laserprodukten van klasse I worden niet als ongevaarlijk aangemerkt. The manufacturer is not responsible for safety in the event of use of unauthorized replacement parts. El fabricante no es responsable de la seguridad en caso de uso de piezas de repuesto no autorizadas.

It is divided into the following chapters: General information contains a general description of the MFP and the maintenance approach used to repair it. Special tools and test equipment are listed, as well as general environmental and safety instructions.

This chapter provides an overview of the capabilities of the MFP and available options for each model. There is no font card support.

Lexmark X422 User Reference Manual Page 159

The display can display eight lines of text with 40 characters each. Print area The following print area settings are available. Scanning mode Output resolution Optical resolution Manuao all modes x scan, feed Fax standard x scan, feed Fax fine x scan, feed Fax super fine x scan, feed Fax ultra fine Diagnostic information Start Unplug power from the MFP before connecting or disconnecting any cable, assembly, or electronic card.

This is a precaution for personal safety and to prevent damage to the printer. This chapter contains the codes and diagnostic tools to aid in providing corrective action for a malfunctioning MFP.

lexmark x mfp – service manual – user manual – MARKIT

The display is capable of displaying approximately eight lines of text with 40 characters each. The operator panel may be used for: The MFP cycles down, and the home screen is displayed. Perform scanner service check. Check for loose connectors, bent or broken pins on xx422 connectors. Ensure the individual wires are secure in the connector. Check that phone line is connected properly. Check that the phone socket is working properly. Test the socket with a phone. Machine dials a number but fails The other fax machine may be to make a connection with turned off.

If the inspection passes, replace the printhead. Replace RIP card assembly, if necessary. Continuity and resistance verifications are done on cables and components as required. Check the sensors to ensure the flags move freely or dust is not blocking the sensors.


If the ADF makes a copy and generates a error after the last sheet is fed through the ADF, and the error only goes away after a Turn the MFP off and disconnect the lemark fan cable at the cooling fan.

Turn the MFP on. Make sure a print cartridge is installed and the cover closes all the way, engaging the cover open switch lever. Action Cover interlock switch Disconnect the cover interlock cable from the interlock switch. Push the cover interlock switch to the closed position and manuxl continuity between the bottom and RIP card Main wiring harness Note: Check the AC line voltage.

Voltage should be within the following limits: With the power cord unplugged, disconnect the 12—pin and 4—pin connectors from the LVPS. Avoid handling the lamp as much as possible as it is easily broken. Be careful not to touch the glass housing with bare hands, as skin contains acids that lsxmark weaken the glass.

Lexmark X422 User Reference Manual

Ensure the proper lamp is installed. The voltage rating is stamped on one of the lamp contacts.

Action Fuser assembly If the fuser lamp comes on and a fuser failure error code displays, be sure the thermistor is contacting the hot roll and the thermistor cable is firmly seated in connector J29 on the RIP card assembly.

B bladeTAR toner adder rollthe developer roll, and the photoconductor DC can be checked as follows: Left guide assembly 2. Make sure the cable is plugged in securely. Run POST and check each light for proper operation. Action Operator panel 1. Drive assembly With a left finger, rotate the main motor counterclockwise while using a right finger to resist gear movement in the plate assembly Perform a base sensor test to ensure the exit sensor is operating correctly. Paper feed solenoid The solenoid interacts with the clutch controlling motion of the pick roller.

If the cam surface of the pick roller clutch assembly is worn, the solenoid may not stop the D—roll pick roll from rotating. Check for a broken or stuck flag on the input paper feed sensor. Check the input tray for missing or broken parts. Replace the tray as necessary. Paper feed assembly Verify that the extension spring is working properly. Ensure clean electrical contacts on the right side.

Incorrect laser exposure or incorrect charging of the photoconductor by the charge roll causes an all black page. This is more noticeable as the print cartridge nears end of life. Action Print cartridge not a FRU Make sure the print cartridge is correctly installed and the high voltage contacts are clean.

If the print cartridge is low, try a new one. Fuser backup roll springs Check springs at each end of the not a FRU backup roller to ensure adequate Make sure recommended paper is being used. Light print Action Print cartridge Banding is primarily due to a variation in the speed of the paper as it feeds through the MFP especially in the developer and The bearing assemblies should support the transfer roll, applying even pressure to the PC drum.


The roll should rotate evenly and smoothly.

Replace both the transfer roll bearing assemblies if the springs or bearings indicate damage or lack of Enter the special function menu. You can download the latest driver from the Lexmark Web site, www.

Lexmark X User Reference Manual (Page of )

Diagnostic aids Menu descriptions The Configuration Menu contains menus, settings and operations. These menus are used to configure a MFP for operation. This menu is accessed via a POR sequence.

The Diagnostics Menu contains settings and operations used while manufacturing the printer. To select an item on the menu, scroll to the pexmark, and press the Select button. A check mark to the left of the menu item indicates lexark is active. Three test pages are presented for inspecting print quality. It enables or disables user access to the panel menus. Disabling Panel Menus keeps users from altering settings via the operator panel. Minimum copy memory Selects the minimum amount of memory to allocate for copy jobs.

The memory available is always less than or equal to the amount of installed memory. Format fax flash Formats flash memory for fax jobs. Print error log Printed error log. Registration can be kexmark automatically or manually. Manual mode is somewhat difficult; automatic mode is recommended. Automatic mode finds the top and left edge of paper from a sample scan and calculates right and bottom margins settings.

Duplex tests Duplex quick ldxmark Checks that the back side duplex top margin setting is correct. Print menus Prints a diagnostic menus page. Page count Displays the page count which can be reset by an SE. Perm page count Displays the permanent page count and cannot be reset. There are two values that can be chosen based on the installed RIP card. Changing some of the settings could render the MFP unusable.

Menu items are accessed by manuql the menu items number. Modem Settings — Dial Timeout – used to determine the amount of time before disconnecting, if the lxmark on the receiving end is not functioning. Only perform firmware flashing when told to do so by Technical Support.

Flash file types – Basic packages available to flash a machine. The packages in the files: