saddle in its place during one of those bouts, but there is no doubt that they frequently make a horse buck who would not do so with a single. ldd3-examples: an updated version of the Linux Device Drivers 3 example library at One way to get around this is to compile with the KBUILD_NOPEDANTIC. ldd3/misc-modules/jit.c This module is a silly one: it only embeds short code fragments use these as data pointers, to implement four files in one function */.

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See the top rated post in this thread. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Login to Give a bone. LDD creates its own projects and folders. Where is the best place to let it create these projects? Things are set up now to create the project under the job number. The drawings are then placed in another directory under the job number too. LDD defaults the drawings to be placed in a dwg file in the project under dwg. How do you get LDD to do this automatically?

Is this the best way to set it up? LDD seems to loose the location of the project frequently also and then tries to hook it some where else that has nothing to do with the project.

Kernel and Device Driver Programming

We end up with scratch projects. How singlw I get our network set up correctly? Jennifer, The default location is C: The best way to do this it under the PROJECT menu, and find user preferences, this controls the location singls many of the default file locations for Land. You will need to edit these if you are using a network location to host your Land Desktop projects.

If you have more than one user, you should copy your modified SDSK. DFM file and put this file on all other client machines, perhpas even an exported Land. As to the file location; project drawings, the DWG folder under the project name is the best location for the drawings. The project folder is also the best place for all other project related data. If yo want to store them somewhare else pay particular attention to the last options when you create a new project, or project based drawing.


I would advise against this. You state that drawings are forgetting what project they belong to, this sounds as if users are opening files from explorer window, and not though the Land Desktop open file comand.

That or the project file is being created in explorer, not the project manager. Or the project folder is being moved with explorer, not project manager. Or drawings lcd3 being moved or copied and not properly reassociated to the destination project. Last edited by mjfarrell; at LDD at least through version also gets confused if you open multiple drawings at the same time, unless the drawings are in the same project.

You have to start an instance of the application for each drawing.

Are these books outdated?

I don’t suppose this has been fixed in ? It would be nice to be able to have multiple drawings open simultaneously, and be able to move blocks between them, as is possible in vanilla Autocad. Originally Posted by richards. One other thing you may want to get in the habit of doing is cleaning out the list of Project paths in Project Manager.

It has been my experience that if you have multiple paths that have project folders named the same, there is a possibility that database items such as alignments, profiles, etc. Cleaning out singlw list is easy.

Just use the Projects menu then Project Manager Remove any of the Project Location paths that do not apply to the project that you are working on. The only drawback that I have found is that you then have to browse to any other project path when you open another project.

Just remember that if both projects are named the same singlee. Land Projectthen you should remove the previous path from Project Manager.

Originally Posted by pferguson. I make sure that all my users have the overrides turned on in Project Ptreferences for the Open Drawing dialog. Also, it is fairly easy to set up Explorer to automatically open drawings using the Land profile, or better yetallow the users to Right-click and selcet which profile they want to use to open the dwg. Mark Hultgren Just a Lurker http: Mark, The issue you touched on is user training. This is such a vital area, and usually one that gets overlooked or the value is diminished.


I lsd3 this is directly related to two causes. Item ONE, the training they do receive is limited by the use of the ‘official’ courseware, and the extent of the instuctors practical knowledge.

Item TWO, I think this is moslty related to item one, when companes do purchase training through their vendor or even an ATC they pay AutoDesk, no real ‘Authorization’ process The cost per user is aingle that they attempt to send one employee to master the software, return to the office and teach everyone else all that they sigle not learn in two or three days of class. Those two obstacles are my biggest challenge when discussing training with any firm that has ever gotten training through their vendor.

Thos two items are exactly what I try to prevent by almost insisting that the owners send every member of the design team to the training sessions. Originally Posted by mjfarrell. This is absolutely not true! Yes it is possible that if one has many projects with similar names the USER may open a drawing in the wrong project, however Land Desktop does NOT ldd place similarly named project data in the wrong project folder.

Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition []

This would at least let us know whom and maybe how the file got moved. We might even have to examine the project locks to get a clue as well. Next time it happens, let me know and we can chat about what you find and how the file got amnessia as to it’s proper project location.