This app has kannada lyrics of some popular bhajans on various gods and goddesses. Most Bhajans are from Ramakrishna Math. But we have also included. Результаты поиска для KANNADA-BHAJANE видео.

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This page will have lyrics to most commonly sung songs in any Hindu household. I have been using a free software called Baraha to write Kannada in English and using the normal kannaad. Within just a few minutes after you download the software ghajane are ready to start using the program. I use this software to write emails to my Mother-in-law in Bangalore. I am also using this to write all the lyrics I am adding in my web log as well.

Copy all the lyrics from this weblog and paste it in the bottom half of the software, and click on the Convert toolbar button. Its really fun and easy.

Kannada bhajane Music Playlist: Best Kannada bhajane MP3 Songs on

If you are having any problems using this bhajsne, just reply to this thread. I will help you. If you want any of these lyrics in any particular language Baraha supports, comment to any of these pages, and I will send you the lyrics in the language you need.

I had completely forgotten to update the lyrics page whenever I added new ones. Nandan, who is currently sending many lyrics for famous devotional songs sent me a excel spread sheet with bhqjane the titles. Bhajand made one more change and added links to those. This ksnnada help all the visitors to easily search for bnajane lyrics they want and click on the link. So, here comes the list in alphabetical order which from now onwards will be updated as and when a new ones is added.

If you do have please email to my hotmail. Posted by Ram on December 29, at 4: Raji, I heard and reciting this namaskara mantram at ayyappa mandala pooja past couple of weeks.

Lokaveeryam Mahaapoojyam Sarvarakshakaram vibhum Parvathi hridayanandam Shaasthaaram pranmaamyaham — Swamiye Sharanam ayyappa. Viprapoojyam vishwavandyam Vishnu shambho: Mathamaathanga gamanam Kaarunyamruthapooritham Sarvavighnaharam devam Shaasthaaram pranmaamyaham — Swamiye Sharanam ayyappa. Asmath kuleswaram devam Asmath shathru vinashanam Asmathishtta pradaathaaram Shaasthaaram pranmaamyaham — Swamiye Sharanam ayyappa.

Paandyesha vamsha thilakam Keraley keli vrigraham Aarthathraanaparam devam Sasthaaram kannada — Swamiye Sharanam ayyappa. Can you please let me know the lyrics of Lakshmi kaantha baaro, shubha lakshana vantha baaro, Pakshi vaahana yeeridavane….


Posted by Phani Katakam on April 22, at 4: Namaste for all your efforts. Namisi Beduve Varagala Ninna…………. Can any one of you post the lyrics: Sudha commented on Lyrics. Thanks Can any one of you post the lyrics: Unsubscribe from all follow-up comments or modify your Subscription Options. Posted by jyothi on August 13, at 4: Posted by kannadx on August 13, at 5: Make a habbit of chating ganesha kkannada. Hi Gayathri, I have added the link to the web site which has Ashtotra for all the Gods.

Here is the link: Hi Meera, thanks a lot for a great kannda for bhsjane. Posted by vidhya on March 5, at The lyrics you have posted for Sri Raghavendra Swami Songs are really helpful. If so, please post it on shalini. Hi Meera, This is great kanada and very helpful. It will be great if we kannad lyrics of all great compositions of Haridasas and the lyrics of UgaBhoga and Sulaadis. Hi Lakshmi, Thanks for your comments. Yes, I do want to add lyrics as much as possible, it takes a lot of time, bgajane I am in a bit of time crunch right now.

Hi gayathri, Yes, I have it in my book, I just need to find time to translate it to English. I will try to add it as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience. Posted by Sujyothi on May 29, at 7: I came across ur site and immediately added to my favs! Fantastic site and fabulous work you are doing here! I am a great fan of Sri. His voice brings joy to the soul! If you have any lyrics of his songs they also would be a pleasure! May God Bless you! Please do mail me the lyrics when you find time!

Hi Sujyothi, Thanks for your nice comments. Contents are appreciative and appealing. Carry on the great work. Please note that the following link contains the Sanskrit Script of Rayara Stothra and its meaning in English, which i found in the link below.

I think you can post the link in your lyrics section if you feel that it would add value to your blog. Sri Gururajan, I have added links to the pdf in the Sri Raghavendra Stotra post as well as this page.

Thanks so much for the link. I really appreciate your efforts.

kannada bhajane

I have also added a new post just for the translation. These are the devotional Lakshmi songs that I would really like bhauane learn. I can provide more info I someone would be so kind to help. Thank you very much in advance!


Hi Ana, Here is a pdf link for the astaalaksmi stotram. I am not able to find lyrics for the others in English. I do have the books for these in Kananda, my language.

Sayi, Please send anything you would like to post here to my email ID which is meerabs yahoo. Well, seems what she sings is not there… But her voice is so so beautiful, clear and joyful.

Gives a very nice feeling. I wonder in what language she sings. I know very little Bengali, but not sure if she sings Bengali. Anyway, thanks for your help. Can anybody help me or tell me where can i iannada it? Dear Devotees I need Hanuman chalisa in Kannada script.

Can anybody help me, wher can I search? Posted by Kanada Nagaraju on July 4, at 2: Like Adhi Lakshmi devi ge aarthi ya… I will be greatful to you. Posted by Sheethal Vhajane on July 10, at 6: Try this link for kwnnada for kids http: Very informative and interesting for Kids.

Hi to all, i am rely thank to the Provider of this site, its rely wonderful, i am looking for some Kannda bhajans, if u have any please let me know, regars Vijay. Kashiyalli Iruvole … Doshava …. I am Anupama from Bijapur.

WHere are you now? How many kids do bhajand have. Do you have adhi lakshmi devige aratiya yettire lurics? I have one daughter who just turned 16 last week. How are you all? How is Nirupama doing?

There are multiple versions in English posted on the Web and all of them seem to have one or the other words wrong. Jannada word mayyOLagamma in charanam3 is where most confusion comes: Other versions at http: I was looking for some details on Raghavendra Swamy Mutts in Hyderabad and I happened to visit your site. If u have please email me or upload it on your site.

I asked my Mom and my Grandmother as well.