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This controller is ideal for LED driver power supplies with power requirements between 40 W and W. The single stage is based on the flyback converter and it is designed to operate in continuous conduction CCM.

The NCL can be configured as as constant current driver or a fixed output driver for two stage LED lighting applications. Other features found in the NCL include a high voltage startup circuitvoltage feedforward, brown out detector, internal overload timer, latch input and a high accuracy multiplier.

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No external component is required. Especially good for use flashlight LED driver.


Supply voltage range 2. The NTE is an integrated circuit in a 13—Lead SIP type package datashret contains the vertical deflection output circuit with a driver for small—aperture maximum deflection current 1.

hv99108ng datasheet

This device has such features as greatly reduced number of external parts and low power dissipation. Since both DC feedback and AC feedback can be provided inside the IC, it is easy to design the vertical deflection circuit. The frequency can be programmed using a single resistor. Datashedt LED string is driven at constant current rather than constant voltage, thus providing constant light output and enhanced reliability.

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The output current can be programmed between a few milliamps and up to more than 1. The MAP has a stable operation with wide input voltage because it hv9910llg be operated as separated VCC with input voltage It has a auto-restart recovery protection if the system occur fault signal. Multiple MAP have synchronized to each others or to other external clock which is generated by Sync Pin.


The MAP provide a 0.

HV9910B Datasheet

This can be suitable for high power application. The LTC requires only four small ceramic capacitors plus two resistors to form a complete 3-display LED power supply and current controller.

By interfacing the LM to the output voltage feedback node of a switching power supply via the DHC interface, the system efficiency is optimized automatically.

The Dynamic headroom control circuit in the LM minimizes power dissipation on the external MOSFETs by adjusting the output voltage of the primary switching power supply according to the changing forward voltage of the LED s.

Comprising the advantages of linear and switching converters, the LM delivers accurately regulated current to LED s while maximizing the system efficiency.

The analog dimming control input controls the current of all LED s while the PWM control hv9910l control the dimming duty of output channels individually.