HandyTone has one FXS port and one FXO port. The PHONE port next to the LAN port is a FXS port. The LINE port on the side of the HandyTone is a. Grandstream HandyTone is a multi-port, all-in-one Analog telephone adapter. It has one RJ11 FXS port(Telephone device), one RJ11 FXO port(Phone line). VoIp Grandstream HandyTone Built upon innovative technology, Grandstream HandyTone Analog Telphone Adapters (ATA) features market leading.

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You made an excellent choiceand we hope you enjoy all of its capabilities. Grandstream’s HandyTone is an all-in-one VoIP integrated access device that featuressuperb audio quality, rich functionalities, high level of integration, compactness and ultraaffordability. The following photo illustrates the appearance of a HandyTone This is a key handytonf of HandyTone Following are the steps to install a HandyTone Its power adaptor is compliant with UL standard.

The HandyTone should only operatewith the universal power adaptor provided in the package. If the target IP address is In thiscase, hanfytone default destination port is used if no port is specified. A and C now in conversation. A can hang up. After a correct password is entered in the login screen, the embedded Web server inside theHandyTone will respond with the Configuration page which is explained in hadnytone below. Daylight SavingsTimeThis parameter controls whether the displayed time will be daylightsavings time or not.


If set to Yes, then the displayed time will be 1hour ahead of normal time.

Allow the user to set a specific MAC address. Product ModelThis field contains the product model info.

This hqndytone the main software release, its number is alwaysused for firmware upgrade. This is normally not changed. This is the user interface, normally not changed.

Grandstream Handytone Analog VoIP Adapter FXS FXO – VoIP Supply

Advanced User configuration includes not only the end user configuration, but also advancedconfiguration such as SIP configuration, Codec selection, NAT Traversal Setting and othermiscellaneous configuration.

Following is a snap shot of the advanced configuration page. John Doelocal RTP port: This field is case sensitive. Dependingon the product model, some of these Vocoders may not be provided instandard release. Users can configure Vocoders in a preference list that will be includedwith the hxndytone preference order in SDP message.

HT | Grandstream Networks

Unregister onRebootDefault is No. Handyrone set to yes, the SIP user will be unregistered on reboot. Default value is Disable CallWaitingDefault is No.


Polarity ReversalDefault is No. If set to Yes, polarity will be reversed upon callestablishment and termination. The HandyTone will then display the following screen to confirm that the changes havebeen saved.

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They will take effect on next reboot. Restore Factory Default SettingWarning: Restore the Factory Default Setting will delete all configuration information ofthe device. Please disconnect network cable and power cycle the unit before trying to reset the unit tofactory default. The steps are as follows: Find the MAC address of the device.

It is a 12 digits number located on the bottom of theunit. Encode the MAC address. Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Tell us what’s missing.

Tell us about it.

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