Ghidul sintetic de monitorizare pentru habitatele de interes comunitar of conservative status of habitats of Comunity interest from Romania. Doniţă N., A. Popescu, M. Păucă-Comănescu, S. Mihăilescu, I. A. Biriş (). Habitatele din România. Bucureşti: Editura Tehnică Silvică. Doroftei, M., A. Oprea . habitatele românești, EMERALD, CORINE, PALAEARCTIC HABITATS și Cuvinte cheie: habitate naturale, Mehedinţi, Oltenia, România.

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The main task of the research was to investigate the diversity of predatory soil mites Gamasina in 8 types of forest ecosystems: Taxonomical classification and statistical methods used in this study show similarities as well as differences between their predatory mite communities. In total, mites of 57 gamasid species were identified, belonging to 28 habotatele and 12 families.

N2K ROSCI dataforms

Veigaia nemorensis, Prozercon fimbriatus, P. Geographical romamia, abiotic factors soil type, slope angle, soil moisture content, pH and biotic ones vegetation structure: Sensitivity of different taxonomic levels of soil Gamasina to land use and anthropogenic disturbances.

Temporal and spatial variability in soil food web structure. Succesion of Gamasina in coal mine areas in Eastern Germany. Linking species richness, biodiversity and ecosystem function in soil systems. Zur Dominanzklassifizierung von Bodenarthropoden [Dominance classification of the epigeal arthropods]. Proceedings of the Institute of Biology, Romanian Academy 7: Ascid mites Acari, Gamasina from selected forest ecosystems and microhabitats in Poland.


Mites Acari as indicators of soil biodiversity and land use monitoring: Mites of the subfamily Parasitinae Mesostigmata: Parasitidae in the British Isles.


Spektrum Akademischer Verlag in German. Mesostigmata Gamasina, Uropodina efficient predators in agroecosystems.

Recovery of forest soil fauna diversity and composition after repeated summer droughts. The relationship between N mineralization or microbial biomass N with micromorphological properties in beech forest soils with different texture and pH.

Structure and dynamics of the predatory mites Acari: Mesostigmata- Gamasina, Oribatida from forest ecosystems near Bucharest city. Mesostigmata from soils of some forest ecosystems from Bucegi Massif- Romania].

Ars Docendi, University Bucharest in Romanian. A review of the family Pachylaelapidae in Slovakia with systematics and ecology of European species Acari: Review of the Vin genera of Eviphididae Acari: Mesostigmata and the species occurring in Slovakia.

Vertical movement of the Acarina under moisture gradients. Modeling trophic pathways, nutrient cycling, and dynamic stability in soils. Cryptostigmata, Mesostigamata [Degradation effects of forest with Quercus rotundifolia on cryptostigmatid and mesostigmatid mite communities Acari: Heavy metal content assessment in plants from Bucharest.


Soil animal communities in holm oak forests: Investigation of the seasonal dynamics of soil Ein mites Acari: Mesostigmata in Pinaceum myrtilosum. Species list and habitat preference of mesostigmata mites Acari, Parasitiformes in Latvia.

Mites – Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour. User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content.

Habitatele din Romania by Nicolae Donita

De Gruyter – Sciendo. Diversity of soil mites Acari: Gamasina in various deciduous forest ecosystems of Muntenia region southern Romania. Issue 1 First Online: Abstract PDF References Article Recommendations Abstract The main task of the research was to investigate the diversity of predatory soil mites Gamasina in 8 types of forest ecosystems: Gamasina ; diversity ; microclimate romznia mite ; structure ; romaniq. Printed version of Biological Letters is the primary version Volume: Printed version of Biological Letters is the primary version.

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