View and Download Option Audio GlobeSurfer III technical reference manual online. GlobeSurfer III Network Router pdf manual download. View and Download Option Audio GlobeSurfer III user manual online. Gateway. GlobeSurfer III Gateway pdf manual download. Welcome to the GlobeSurfer® III, your 3G wireless gateway router that connects you to the internet, allows you to make and For the newest firmware ver-.

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Information published in this reference manual is accurate at the time of publication. Although all security precautions were taken during the creation of this reference manual, Option is not liable toward persons or organizations for losses or damages caused either directly or indirectly due to instructions contained in this reference manual.

Option Audio GlobeSurfer III User Manual

Universal Plug and Play Setup Connecting your computer or home network to the gateway is a simple procedure, varying slightly depending on your operating system.

The Windows default network settings dictate that in most cases the setup procedure described below will be unnecessary. The management console includes a majual status screen, a quick setup screen, network configuration, security configuration, authentication with multiple-user support, connection monitoring and more.

They handle user-defined entries relating to elements such as network connections, local servers, restrictions and configurable parameters. The principles outlined in this section apply to all tables in the management console. In a typical table each row defines an entry in the table. Home From this screen you can click on the tabs at the top left hand side to route to the following screens: The interface is accessed through a web browser: When first logging on to the management console, the Login screen will appear.

Telephony Select the country for your telephone handset. Setting the SSID to something unique will make it much easier to identify your own wireless network, especially if there are other wireless networks available in the nearby area.

If WPA2 is supported by your wireless clients it is recommended to apply WPA2 encryption to your wireless network as it offers the highest level of security.

You must configure your wireless PC clients to use the same encryption type and keys. Otherwise the devices will not understand each other. Enabling wireless encryption has no ylobesurfer effect on wired Ethernet connections. gloesurfer

Finish The last page of the Installation Wizard shows all the settings made on previous pages. If they all look correct, press the Finish button to apply these settings. If you want to change any settings, use the Back button to navigate to the appropriate page and modify that setting.

The current language setting will be restored if you do not apply the settings.

Option Audio GlobeSurfer III Technical Reference Manual

The default is 10 minures. Set it to zero 0 if you want the UMTS to stay connected. The maximum is minutes 24 hours. Incoming traffic is treated as inactivity. From this screen you can click on the tabs at the top left hand side to route to the following detailed screens: Settings The top part of the configuration window displays general communication parameters. It is not recommended to change the default values globeusrfer this screen unless you are familiar with the networking concepts they represent.


Since your gateway is configured to operate with the default values, no parameter modification is necessary.


Routing You can choose to setup your gateway to use static or dynamic routing. Dynamic routing automatically adjusts how packets travel on the network, whereas static routing specifies a fixed routing path to neighbouring destinations. You can configure the following routing settings: Press the Apply button to apply changes and stay on this screen.

Iki the Cancel button to reject changes and go back to the previous screen. Multiple phone numbers can be defined for this feature. The firewall can be activated per network connection. To enable the firewall on this network connection, select the Enabled checkbox. To learn more about your gateway’s security features, please refer to section 8. Press the OK button to apply changes and go back to the previous screen.

Local Network This area provides an overview of and the ability to configure local network, storage and printer settings.

Device This screen displays a list of all the devices in the local network along with their status, and provides the ability to modify and delete each entry. For each device the following data is displayed: Overview This screen provides an overview of the wireless network. The following data is displayed: Settings This screen enables you to enter more wireless settings. Advanced From this screen you can click on the tabs at the top left hand side to route to the following detailed screens: Wireless Press the OK button to apply changes and go back to the previous screen.

Press the Refresh button to refresh the screen. The following data can be entered: On this screen you can see information about your printer, as well as view a list of print jobs when prints are in the queue. The firewall regulates the flow of data between the home network and the Internet. Minimum, Typical and Maximum.

You will need to allow IP fragments to pass into the home network in order to make use of these select services. Press the OK button to apply changes and go back to the Home screen. Click on New Entry – this routes to the Edit Item screen see section 8.

Edit Service This screen allows the editing of services. The following fields should be entered: Edit Scheduler Rule This screen allows the editing of scheduler rules. Edit Time Segment This screen allows the editing of manuap segments. Additionally, port forwarding enables you to redirect traffic to a different port instead of the one to which it was designated.

Add Port Forwarding Rule This screen allows the entry of new port forwarding rules. Note that only one LAN computer can be assigned to provide a specific service or application: Edit Item This screen allows the editing of network object types. A DMZ host is not protected by the firewall and may be manusl to attack.

Designating a Maunal host may also put other computers in the home network at risk. When designating a DMZ host, you must consider the security implications and protect it if necessary.


Port Triggering Port triggering can be used for dynamic port forwarding configuration. By setting port triggering rules, you can allow inbound traffic to arrive at a specific LAN host, using ports different than those used for the hlobesurfer traffic.

This is called port triggering since the outbound traffic triggers to which ports inbound traffic is directed. This screen allows the editing of port triggering rules.

Moreover, restrictions can be applied to a comprehensive and automatically updated table of sites to which access is not recommended. This screen offers the facility to restrict glkbesurfer from the LAN to websites. Entries can be added, oii or deleted. Restricted Website This screen allows the entry of websites to be restricted. The NAT Network Address Translation screen allows you to hide the computers in your network so they cannot be found or directly accessed from outside your network.

This screen offers the facility to translate network addresses. Press the Cancel button to reject changes and go back to the Home screen. Press the Resolve Now button to check the screen. User Defined — this routes to the Edit Network Object screen see section 8. Connections This screen shows all connections currently active.

The following fields are displayed: Jii Filtering Advanced filtering is designed to allow comprehensive control over the firewall’s behaviour. You globseurfer define specific input and output rules, control the order of logically similar sets of rules and make a distinction between rules that apply to WAN and LAN devices. User Defined — this routes to the Edit Service screen see section 8. Press the Cancel button to reject changes and go back to the Advanced Filtering screen.

A specific address o Protocol: The Security Log displays a list of firewall-related events, including attempts to establish inbound and outbound connections, attempts to authenticate through an administrative interface Web-based management or Telnet terminalfirewall configuration and system start- The following fields are displayed: The following are the available event types that can be recorded in the firewall log: Firewall internal – an accompanying explanation from glkbesurfer firewall internal mechanism will be added in case this event-type is recorded.

Mankal status changed – the firewall changed status from up to down or the other way around, as specified in the event type globesurter. Outbound Auth1X – an outbound Auth1X packet has been accepted. IP Version 6 – an IPv6 packet has been accepted.

Conflict Mapping already exists – a message notifying that there is a conflict since the NAT mapping already exists, therefore NAT has failed.

Failed parsing – a packet has been blocked because it is malformed. You can enable logging of blocked packets of vlobesurfer types by disabling this option, and enabling some of the more specific options below it.

This screen allows the customization of the IPSec log, by allowing the user to choose what data is recorded. The following checkboxes can be lii System This area enables the user to configure system settings and perform maintenance functions.