This document is a property of FALCOM GmbH and may not be copied or circulated .. This manual is focussed on the GSM data solutions of the FALCOM A2D-. DESCRIPTION. The Falcom A2D-3 is intelligent GSM Modem/Phone with I/O for mobile application in cars vans lorries busses etc. CPU on board; GPS-Option. Falcom a2d PDF – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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Version number Author Changes 1. Mohamad Initial version 1. Mohamad – Direction and load current of the IO s explained – Current consumption at discharged battery added 1.

Beqiri – Maximum torque for SMA connector added. Beqiri – Throughout the manual of A3Dman, calcom misprints corrected the max. Connecting an external device e. Note the line colours of the power supply.

Do not connect the audio signals to Ground GND directly. Do not connect external DC-Sources to the audio signals, otherwise the modem will be damaged. In case of damage because of using a speed which exceeds bps, no liability is accepted. Do not apply lengthwise force into the direction of the modem. For more details please download its corresponding manual hardware description from the Falcom s homepage Page 6.

However, no responsibility is assumed for its use. Also the information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Users are advised to proceed quickly to the Security chapter and read the hints carefully. This information serves only the product specification and is in no way legally binding. FALCOM cannot be held responsible for any damages whatsoever expect in case of gross negligence on our part. Valcom the right to change or modify this product without notice. These operating instructions are protected by copyright.

FALCOM A2D-3, A2D-3JP3, A3D & A3D-JP3

An integrated power management co-processor allows different applications under low power conditions. The principal hardware components is shown in the figure follow: Serial asynchronous automatic dialling and control The below related documents could be found on: AT command set progmanxx. It also includes a getting started document for the developer-kit. Your GSM modem is one of the most exciting and innovative electronic products ever developed.

With it you can stay in contact with your office, your home, emergency services, and others, wherever service is provided. The GSM standard has been established for use in the European community and elsewhere. Your modem is actually a low power radio transmitter and receiver.

It sends out and receives radio frequency energy. When you use your modem, the cellular system handling your calls controls both the radio frequency and the power level of your cellular modem.

Although research on health effects from RF energy has focused for many years on the current RF technology, scientists have begun research regarding newer radio technologies, such as GSM. After existing research had been reviewed, and after compliance to all applicable safety standards had been tested, it has been concluded that the product is fit for use.


If you are concerned about exposure to RF energy there are things you can do to minimise exposure. Obviously, limiting the duration of your calls will reduce your exposure to RF energy. In addition, you can reduce RF exposure by operating your cellular modem efficiently by following the below guidelines.

If your modem has an extendible antenna, extend it fully. Some models allow you to place a call with the antenna retracted. However your modem operates more efficiently with the antenna fully extended. Holding the antenna affects call quality and may cause the modem to operate at a higher power level than needed. If a damaged antenna comes into contact with the skin, a minor burn may result. Replace a damaged antenna immediately. Consult your manual to see if you may change the antenna yourself.

If so, use only a manufacturer-approved antenna. Otherwise, have your antenna repaired by a qualified technician. Use only the supplied or approved antenna. Unauthorised antennas, modifications or attachments could damage the modem and may contravene local RF emission regulations or invalidate type approval.

Also, when using your modem while driving, please: When applications are prepared for mobile use they should fulfil road-safety instructions of the current law!

Does Gnokii work with FALCOM A2D/ (gsm modem) ?

However RF energy may affect some malfunctioning or improperly shielded electronic equipments. Turn your modem OFF in health care facilities when any regulations posted in the area instruct you to do so.

Hospitals or health care facilities may be using RF monitoring equipment. Use it on the ground w2d with crew permission. Do not use in the air. To prevent possible interference with aircraft systems, Federal Aviation Administration FAA regulations require you to have permission from a crew member to use your modem while the plane is on the ground.

To prevent interference with cellular systems, local RF regulations prohibit using your modem whilst airborne. It is not a toy. Children could hurt themselves or others by poking themselves or fqlcom in the eye with the antenna, for example.

It is rare, but your modem or its accessories could generate sparks. Sparks in such areas could cause an explosion or fire resulting in bodily injury or even death. Areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere are often, faclom not always, clearly marked. They include fuelling areas such as petrol stations a22d below decks on boats ; fuel or chemical transfer or storage facilities ; and areas where the air contains chemicals or particles, such as grain, dust, or metal powders.

Do not transport or store flammable gas, liquid, or explosives, in the compartment of your vehicle which contains your modem or accessories. Before using your modem in a vehicle powered by liquefied petroleum gas such fslcom propane or butane ensure that the vehicle complies with ad relevant fire and safety regulations of the country x2d which the vehicle is to be used NON-IONISING RADIATION As with other mobile radio transmitting equipments, users are advised that for satisfactory operation and for the safety of personnel, falcoom is recommended that no part of the human body be allowed to come too close to the antenna during operation of the equipment.


The radio equipment shall be connected to the antenna via a non-radiating 50 Ohm coaxial cable. The antenna shall be mounted in such a position that no part of the human body will normally rest close to any part of the antenna. It is also recommended to use the equipment not close to medical devices as for example hearing aids and pacemakers.

This cellular modem meets the standards and recommendations for the protection of public exposure to RF electromagnetic energy established by governmental bodies and other qualified organizations, such as the following: Logic Baud rate Character format Parity V. There are different MMCs with different storage capacities which are available on the market.

The user programmer must support it by programming his own firmware. Power on, not registered in the network – Green flashes, orange lights: Faldom on, registered in the network – Green and faocom flash slowly and alternately: In Monitor – Green and orange flash quickly and alternately: Firmware download in progress – Green flashes quickly and orange lights: Call in progress Operating by internal Battery The following components are supplied at breakdown of the external power supply: The IO s, the internal Facom and Handset does not work when the modem is supplied by the internal battery, only.

In this manual you can find a short overview of these commands.

These interfaces ffalcom standard parameters, that means Baud, 8-bit characters, no parity and 1 stop bit. After initialisation and registration into the network, the modem via LED s indicatorswhich are available on the bottom side of interface D RJ45 connector shows the actual registration state. Configuration of the modem can be done by using a local interface connection. It can also be done by a remote connection from another modem via data call or SMS transmission.

You can also find in this manual commands to control and configure the unit. A3D power consumption at 12 V DC. The given fwlcom consumption is for a full charged battery. In case of discharged battery the current consumption is about ma. Complete shielding, aluminium colour metallic with surface structure 5.

This highly integrated GPS receiver module is optimized specifically for automotive applications. The solution can be sent directly over GSM network.

For further information about the programming and developing a firmware from the user side, it is recommended to read the programming manual progmanxx. It is also recommended to download the zip file which includes the sources examples and the libraries for programming A3D-JP3. Latitude, longitude, UTC time of position fix and status. Time, date, position, course and speed data.

Course and speed information relative to the ground. Input messages begin at MID Use of checksums is required on all input messages. All fields in all proprietary NMEA messages are required, none are optional.

All NMEA messages are comma delimited. Pin-out of interface A. Pin-out of interface B.