Estudios Bíblicos para la Vida para Niños. En conjunto con los niveles de. LifeWay ofrece una de las mayores selecciones de estudios de la Biblia para Estudios Bíblicos para la Vida para Adultos: Guía para el Estudio Personal . E-Estudios Bíblicos para la Vida para Adultos: Manual para el Líder Versión en Español PDF – Primavera (Document Download). LifeWay.

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Repent, turning away from your sin. Dear God, I know I am a sinner and have rebelled against you in many ways. I believe Jesus died for my sin and only through faith in His death and resurrection can I be forgiven.

I now turn from my sin and ask Jesus to come into my life as my Savior and Lord. From this day forward, I will choose to follow Jesus. Thank You, Lord, for loving me and for forgiving me. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. After you have received Jesus Christ into your life, share your decision with another person, and following Christ s example, ask for baptism by immersion estidios your local church as a public expression of your faith.

For bulk shipments mailed quarterly to one address, faxkifeway write to the above address. We believe that the Bible has God for its author; salvation for its end; and truth, without any mixture of error, for its matter and that all Scripture is totally true and trustworthy.

The statement of The Baptist Faith and Message is our doctrinal guideline. Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the Holman Christian Standard Bible, copyright, by Holman Bible Publishers.

In This Together Ask the typical Christian teenager what is needed to grow spiritually, and you will probably hear things like read the Bible and pray. The tendency is to focus spiritual growth on what the individual does. While these things are certainly true, spiritual growth happens in the context of relationships. September 2 – Lireway Together September 9 – Grow Together S3: September 16 – Serve Together September 23 – Tell Together Lifewat I Need a Miracle!

Lifewat students have grown up in a world of special effects, and the wonder of fantastic events can be replaced with an impress me attitude. Students need to recapture a sense of awe and wonder at the miraculous.

Jesus did many miraculous events, but He never did them to impress us or wow us.

The miracles of Jesus eetudios how His power, compassion, and purpose can make a difference in our lives. September 30 – Who Are You, Really? October 7 – Wait, You Want Me? October 21 – You ve Got This, Right? October 28 – You re All I Need? There is a part of each one of us that wants to know our lives count for something beyond just getting through the day. Life can have meaning now, and we can make biblocos difference in the world around us now.

This study is important because it leads students to see how God calls them and can use them in significant ways.


Estudios Bíblicos LifeWay Para Jóvenes REAL

November 4 – His Call S2: November 11 – His Standards S3: November 18 – His Reactions S4: These two pages are the heart of your Bible study. The Teaching Plan Provides discussion questions and ideas to share with your students Shows you how to use the student book as a part of the class discussion Includes optional ideas to gear your study more specifically to certain students or ways of learning Living Life Together Gives teaching tips Helps you connect the study and activities to the culture and thinking of teenagers Personal Bible Study The Personal Bible Study is 3 pages of interactive commentary to help you understand the passage you will lead your class to discover and discuss.

Let God speak to you through these pages before you teach your students. Inward Development Jesus grew in wisdom and stature. Outward Development Jesus grew in favor with man. Lordship Disciplines Students will know Christ as they exercise lordship and disciplines.

Character Discernment Students will own their faith as they grow in character and discernment. Relationships Influence Students will make their faith known as they develop in relationships and influence. These three areas come together to form the LifeWay strategy for student spiritual development.

La Red Internacional de los Institutos del Liderazgo del Seminario Bíblico de Capacitación de EBI

As you use REAL, your students will be exposed each quarter to estudis three areas of spiritual development. September 2 All Together What makes the church a unique community? Ask the typical Christian teenager what is needed to grow spiritually, and you will probably hear things like read the Bible and pray.

While these things are certainly liffeway, spiritual growth happens in the context of relationships: This study is important for teenagers because the very thing they crave relationships is the very thing that can impact their growth in Christ. Students will be challenged to make their faith known.

Relationships is a category under the umbrella of KNOWN, and this study will address the issue of relationships in church life, mentoring, ministry, and evangelism.

September 9 Grow Together What can help me be spiritually mature? September 16 Serve Together How can I serve? September 23 Tell Together What estudioz my role in others knowing about Jesus?

Additional Resources If you want some in-depth background material to assist your personal understanding and preparation, use one of the following resources: The Herschel Hobbs Commentary. We ve taken the unique style and tradition of Dr. Teachers and learners who desire more extensive commentary will find this resource a helpful and trusted companion.

Advanced Bible Study offers teachers detailed, in-depth material such as explanations of key words and concepts, Bible background information, and exploration of Bible truths in each Bible Studies for Life lesson. The Answer Jesus Christ makes the church a community of diverse individuals who live and work together. Living It Out Students will find ways to get connected and involved in Christian community.

Direct students to choose a piece but not to eat it yet. Why did you choose that particular chocolate bar? What do the different groups have in common? Everyone chose different bars, but all are chocolate. We tend to gravitate toward people who are exactly like us, but when can it be good if we are different from each other?


Point out that this month s study will look at several things that will help us grow spiritually. A key feature we will consider is that these ways to grow spiritually are not to be done in isolation. Spiritual growth happens in the midst of relationships: Grouping Methods Other methods can be used to group students, such as different cookies. Or stations can be set up around the room with various topics, such as favorite sports or preferred school subjects.

The Corinthian church was very diverse, with people at opposite ends of life. Explain the gap that existed between Jews and Greeks and slaves and free citizens.

How does diversity benefit the church? How can diversity enhance the unity of our church? What was the unifying factor in the Corinthian church? The presence of the Holy Spirit in each life. Marshmallow Buildings Physical Divide students into teams and provide them with marshmallows and toothpicks. Allow them five minutes to construct a marshmallow building using only the materials you provided. Debrief the activity by discussing the various roles each person on the team played in order to accomplish the task.

Christians may be quite different from each other, but they still need each other.

Every member llifeway the church body is to be valued. No one likes to be left out. How do we give greater honor to the ones that appear weaker? What parts of the body of Christ are viewed as more presentable?

Who do you see as the behind-the-scenes people? Even within the church there is a lack of understanding about what makes authentic community. Community is more than donuts or Facebook. We need to rediscover the model for biblical community. Teaching Tip Encourage students to bring their own Bibles to class and allow volunteers to read aloud the Scripture passages as directed in the teaching plans.

Relationship Connection Because this study is about building community, make an effort to reach out and connect with each student every week. Teaching Tip Some students estuudios physical learners and learn well with active projects, like this option with marshmallows. Culture Connection Use texting as a way to connect and build community with your students.

Check out Connection to discover a way to use texting to connect with your group. Eighty-seven percent of teens who own cell phones use text messaging.

Kaiser Foundation September 2.

Shadow Mountain Community Church – Español

Discuss what roles the different parts play in the body of Christ. Label the poster as students offer suggestions. Students should place themselves somewhere on the body too.

What do you think it means that when one member suffers, all members suffer, and when one member is honored, all members rejoice?