PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPER QUESTION BANK STUDY METHODS (ENGINEERING CORNER SPECIAL) tags:ec digital electronics syllabus. anna university EC Digital Electronics Lecture notes EC TO ALL DEPARTMENTSDETAILS: SUBJECT NAME: EC Digital Anna university plus provide lecture notes,question papers,syllabus,modal. EcUnit IV Memory Devices Digital Electronics – Download as PDF File .pdf) , Digital Lab Manual for CSE & IT – Anna Univeristy Chennai Syllabus –

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Unit — I Boolean algebra and Logic Gates.

Find the hexadecimal equivalent of the decimal number Find the octal equivalent sllabus the decimal number What is meant by weighted and non-weighted coding? Find the decimal equivalent of 9. Find the octal equivalent of the hexadecimal number AB.

Encode the ten decimal digits in the 2 out of 5 code. Show that the Excess — 3 code is self —complementing. Find the hexadecimal equivalent of the octal number Find the decimal equivalent of 7. A hexadecimal counter capable of counting up to at least 10, 10 is to be constructed. What is the minimum number of hexadecimal digits that the counter must have? Convert the decimal number to hexadecimal. Give an example of a switching function that contains only cyclic prime implicant. Give an example syllabuus a switching function that for which the MSP from is not unique.

What is prime implicant? State and prove Consensus theorem. What theorem is used when two terms in adjacent squares of K map are combined? Show that the NAND connection is not associative.


What is meant by multilevel gates networks? Show that the NAND gate is a universal building block. Distinguish between positive logic and negative logic. What is the exact number of bytes in a system that contains a 32K byte, b 64M bytes. List the truth table of the function: Reduce the following equation using Quine McClucky method of. Draw the circuit of the minimal expression using only NAND gates. NAND gates the output function does not change. Implement the above Boolean functions.


Determine the prime implicants of the. Unit — II Combinational Logic. How will you build a full adder using 2 half adders and an OR gate? Draw 4 bit binary parallel adder. Write down the truth table of a full adder. Write down the truth table of a full sub tractor. Write down the truth table of a half sub tractor. Find the syntax errors in the following declarations note that names for primitive gates.

Draw the logic diagram of the digital circuit specified by. Define Half and Full adder. Give the four elementary operations for addition and subtraction. Design the combinational circuit with 3 inputs and 1 output. The output is 1 when the. The output is 0 otherwise. What do you mean by carry propagation delay? What is code converter?

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Give short notes on Logic simulation and Logic synthesis. What do you dyllabus by functional and timing simulation? What do you mean by test bench? Give short notes on simulation versus synthesis.

Define half sub tractor and full sub tractor. Excess 3 code for example when syyllabus input to the gate is then the circuit should.

BCD to seven segment decoder for decimal digits 0 through 9. Distinguish between a decoder and a demultiplexer. Using a single IC ; draw syllabua logic diagram of a 4 bit comparator.

What do you mean by encoder? Write the short notes on priority encoder. Draw the logic diagram of8 to 1 line multiplexer. What do you mean by comparator? Write the HDL description of the circuit specified by the following Boolean function. How does ROM retain information? Give the classification of memory. How it is done?

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What is Hamming code? Write a short notes on memory decoding.

List the basic types of programmable logic devices. How many parity bits are required syllabjs form Hamming code if massage bits are 6? How to find the location of parity bits in the Hamming code? Generate the even parity Hamming codes for the following binary data.


A seven bit Hamming code is received as What is the correct code?

Explain the operation of 4 to 10 line decoder with necessary logic diagram. Implement the switching functions: Design a combinational circuit using a Syllabis ,that accepts a 3- bit number and. Derive the characteristic equation of a D flip flop.

Distinguish between combinational and sequential logic circuits. What are the various types of triggering of flip-flops? Derive the characteristic equation of a T flip flop. Derive the characteristic equation of stllabus SR flip flop. What is race round condition? How it is avoided? List the functions of asynchronous inputs. Define Master slave flip flop. What is the primary disadvantage of an asynchronous counter?

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How synchronous counters differ from asynchronous counters? Write a short note on counter applications. Compare Moore and Mealy models. When is a counter said to suffer from lock out? What is the minimum number of flip flops needed to build a counter of modulus z 8? State the relative merits of series and parallel counters. What are Mealy and Moore machines?

Ec2203 is a counter said to suffer from lockout?

What is the difference between a Mealy machine and a Moore Machines? Distinguish between synchronous and asynchronous sequential logic circuits. Derive the characteristic equation of a JK flip flop.

How will you convert a JK flip flop into a D flip flop. What are the principle differences between synchronous and asynchronous networks. What is the pulse mode operation of asynchronous sequential logic circuits not syllavus. What are the advantages of shift registers? What are the applications of a shift register? How many flip —flops are needed to build an 8 bit shift register?