Pantherfibel – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online . Pantherfibel , (Panther users manual ). The Pantherfibel was given out to educate the German tank crews on how to operate and. Translation of “Die Pantherfibel” – posted in Historical Chat: Ok, i’ll start the Translation of Dia Pantherfibel.I wont translate everything, like the.

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Panther-Fibel – Betrieb und Kampfanleitung

Please log in to reply. I wont translate everything, like the first few panterfibel are just a kind of introduction and a index. I’ll post the pictures of each page with a translation, not word-to word because most of it are rhymes and hard to translate into english by keeping the context correct.

If anyone doen’t understand some parts, please let me know then i try to explain it better. The tale of Siegfried and the dragon. Siegfried killed the dragon and took a bath in his blood to get invulnerable. But a leaf covered a part of his shoulder, so he still was vulnerable at his pantuerfibel.

Siegfried can psntherfibel compared with a Panther. The front is invulnerable, the side and the rear are vulnerable. This is your Panther at a clock. At the time 11 to 1, you’re invulnerable.

Pantherfibel – Guderian

The big circle m is the range, where a T34 can destroy you. This range can vary from the type of weapon that shoots at you, but it is minimum m.


Your front is allways safe, so turn the tank towards your enemy. A guy called Nieselpriem is sitting in a cinema. The range of ach gap between 2 rowns is m.

In front of Nieselpriem, in the first row sits a man whose back covers 1m of Nieselpriems field of view. At a range of m, the same man at the first row m covers 2m of Nieselpriems field of view, and at a range of m the man in the first row covers 3 m of Nieselpriems field of view did so on.

The same back covers at a range pajtherfibel The part of the field of view that is covered by the thumb is called “line Strich “. Your thumb covers about 40m at a range of 1km, so your thumb measures 40 lines. That means, something that is at a range of m exactly one line broad, has a actual broadness of 4,5m. Something pantherfivel is 1 line broad at a range pantheffibel m is actually 0,7m broad and so on.

The distance fron ach top apex to the next top apex of pantherfibl triangle is 4 lines. The heigh of a big triangle is 4 lines, and the height of a little one is 2 lines. Calculate the height of the soldier by unsing the big triangle. The soldier is about 5 lines tall. But because in general you know the height of the target patnherfibel datas, etc] and not the distance, you have to learn how to calculate the distance of the target. You know the height, the cavalier is 3m tall.

By using the triangles you can calculate that the cavalier is 6 lines tall: It is better to know the height of the target, so learn’em all Page 7: Try to estimate the distance of the target: At first a distance that is to far, like m Then pantherflbel distance that is sureley to close, like m The correct distance is somewhere between these 2 estimates, at m. For every enemy tank keep these rules: Keep a clear head, keep cool.


Let him come closer to a distance where you can destroy him. But if he tries to escape, follow him. Study the enemy tank, when can you destroy him and when cxan he destroy you?

You need to know each tank type and his weakening. Page 9 Keep in cover until you can destroy him. Always attack with fire protection.

Only sho your front, and keep the weakening of your enemy in mind. Try to fight him where he does’nt estimates you.

This page discribes the positions of your tank and the orientation of enemy tanks. If the enemy’s orientation is frontal to you, come closer to pantherfibep. If he shows his rear or side, fire at him.

Tigerfibel – Wikiwand

But if his orientation is angular, fire on his turret or other curvatures. Back to Historical Chat. I’ve forgotten my password. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list.