For hucksters, poker is a way of life. It’s not just a means of making a living ( although it can be mighty useful that way, too). No, it’s their gateway to the Hunting. The Deadlands Huckster plays poker with the Devil, and while he can cast as much as he wants, he runs the risk of getting hurt every time he. Hucksters & Hexes (Deadlands, PEG) [Shane Lacy Hensley] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hucksters draw their knowledge of.

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Activates pretty reliably with a pair too. By using dowsing rods, the huckster can locate the nearest source of water within range of the Trick.

Here is a list of the sourcebook abbreviations: Sign up using Email and Password. Nothing here says that the memory you erase has to be a recent one, so you can, theoretically, go back and remove whatever you want. He rolls an 11, barely getting the 6 yards that roll allows.

Deadlands Classic: Hucksters & Hexes | Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Hexslinging roll to enter. This site uses cookies. You raise the pot and draw an amazing two pair, making it so his single success which would have offered a respectable 1 level of armor now grants him 4 levels of armor.

Texas Twister with Damage. Still a solid option overall though. Novice Power, Power Points 0 Range: This creepy little trick dims artificial light of a room or Large Burst Template which ever makes most sense by causing the light to become erratic and flickering. Site Stuff Deadlahds is a Wiki Site? At an hour per hex level, there is bound to be a few times that this will be greatly useful.


Who is online Users browsing this forum: HUGE Area of effect, and the option to switch between concentration or wind per round — which is restrictive, but workable. Your Shaman buddy decides to try a Pledge ritual during a combat situation to gather appeasement to heal another friend who has a serious deadlanda.

Personally, I like doing something about the abomination and telling the yuckster a lot more, but I get that in some campaigns you might be watched by organizations with different goals.

The fastest way to travel in Deadlands.

Deadlands Classic: Hucksters & Hexes

deadlanss This hex creates an illusionary double of the caster. It also has restrictions — like your enemies needing to be able to hear you. The primary deadlznds is that the card hand is based on the level of the caster, so only consider this if your GM is using a lot of low level Hucksters add a couple of stars if he is.

Add a star or two if your Marshal uses a lot of low level casters in your campaign.

Maybe it goes off as normal. I think this is pretty well balanced, making it solid. The victim gets a Strength roll each round to escape at a -2 if the Huckster got a Raise during the opposed roll. That way, a 9 is a guaranteed raise on his TN roll. Easily the most versatile single target damage spell available to the Huckster and in the game, really.


This also has a huge range — yards deadlandd a rank 5 hexslinger.

Huckster Hexes

You may just want to grab Gift of Gab or let your Blessed use Deavlands. In the morning the Voodooist is making his Bad Juju bags.

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The energy can be transferred from hand to hand but the caster must hold it with one of them until all the lightning is used up. Three of a Kind — three of the same card e. Makes Gizmos stop working, which is a good idea.

Those who are aware of huckstwr hex are immune to effects.

If it provides obscured vision, this is a good battlefield control letting you wall up an area to take your enemies out in pieces. The effect is great — especially since it affects any roll trying to hit you, not just ranged attacks or whatever. AOE damage on a speed of 1 which is rare but you need crap in the area for it to work.

These are only listed when different to the normal ability. The imperfect nature of this spell makes it a little less than desirable, but I guess if you like deadlznds Mojave Rattlers before the town social, this can make up for the crunch time.