Inspired by the third Rosicrucian manifesto, the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, published four hundred years ago, the anonymous author of this. Chymical Wedding – First Day. This version was edited, from the Foxcroft English edition of , into modern English by Adam McLean and Deirdre Green, and. In a dazzling weave of story and character, The Chymical Wedding tells two parallel and interconnected tales–one set in the late ‘s, one in the ‘s, both.

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A definite contender for novel of the year.

The Chemical Marriage

All sought to grasp the rope and many were pulled away from it by others. But because of the wounds which the fetters had caused me, I could not well go forward, but halted on both feet, which the matron presently espying, laughing at it, and calling me again to her said thus to me: The influences include John Fowles especially ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’, ‘The Ebony Tower’, and ‘The Magus’ – my Picador edition has a supportive cover This has been on my ‘to read’ list for a long time, and now I’ve been through it, I’m thinking about the tragedy of fulfilled ambition.

Note that the divine lady has seven cobras around her, a clear wedidng to Kundalini and the seven chakras.

As he proceeded singing merrily, he came to a green heath in which stood three great cedars, one bearing a tablet with an inscription describing the four paths that led to the palace of the King: Five stars and then some. A perfect book for the place and time at which I read it – while on a three month project in a foreign country. And the personal quest that each of us has to undertake to get there.


Sep 11, Bennett rated it it was amazing. The guests were given wreaths of laurel and, a curtain being raised, found themselves in the presence of the King and Queen. The ascent of the philosophers from one floor to another also parallels certain rituals of the Eleusinian Mysteries and the rites of Mithras wherein the candidate ascended the seven rungs of a ladder or climbed the seven steps of a pyramid in order to signify release from the influences of the Planetary Governors.

However, the words “Father of Lights” are curiously in the first paragraph. Having said all that, the Victorian story is excellent and very well written. Toward the very end I did feel a little impatient with the modern characters’s psychological problems, somewhat in the same way as I get bored with car chases in films, and wanted more about alchemy, but in part that’s probably due to my working on a novel with its own alchemical aspect.

In the morning Virgo Lucifera announced that each of the wedding guests had become a “Knight of the Golden Stone. He was therefore turned over to the sixth group. Where Clarke was true to life is that individuals can reach a breaking point, can break. I admire its integrity. It is like a seal that shows the intentions of the spiritual seeker, but also grants you safe passage in the spiritual realms.

Chymical Wedding – First Day

On the spiritual path one must be humble. The first path leads to rocky places and this is reminiscent of Peter, “the rock” as he’s portrayed in the synoptic gospels. Another is the sort of intense and ‘troubled’ young American woman who was always having flings with older sedding in lates films.

Books by Lindsay Clarke. The whole structure of the book is superbly composed, some of it sits on the very edge of understanding – you don’t get to coast through this work. If we were all of us lords, and possessed all the goods upon Earth, and were seated at table, who would there then be to bring up the service?


Chymiccal guest was presented to the King by one of the virgins and after this ceremony the Virgo Lucifera made a chymcal speech in which she recited the achievements of the honest “artists” and begged that each be questioned as to whether she had properly fulfilled her duty.

An aged woman called the “Ancient Matron” wrote in a golden yellow book the names of those drawn forth, and each of the redeemed was given for remembrance a piece of gold bearing the symbol of the sun and the letters D L S.

The white-and-gold-robed Virgin then rose and announced that to prevent the admission of unworthy persons to the mystical wedding a set of scales would be erected the following weddding upon which each guest would be weighed to determine his integrity. A really marvelous piece of writing. And though I prefer more minimalist, direct prose, and was not bothered by his syntactic style, I can see how others might be.

Oct 16, Dave Holcomb rated it liked it. Not that you really need to know that much.

The New Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz | The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC

It seems it is – unless you are prepared to go and do a lot more work yourself. The plot just doesn’t hold me after about half way through. Passing through, he found himself in the royal treasury, the light in which came entirely from some huge carbuncles. It reads as follows:.